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VW Rear Apron Repair

VW Rear Apron Repair

VW Rear Apron RepairVW Rear Apron Repair is something this bug desperately needed! What the previous person did that restored this car was to put a lot of bondo on mistakes that they made. they also welded in the area where the exhaust usually comes through to make it a smooth back apron, however they did not cut away the old metal and make a butt weld, instead they just welded up the area, and it left huge dips in the apron.

What I had to do to fix this problem was to cut out the welded areas, and make a new butt weld. Here I rolled over some metal and matched the lines from the apron. I then welded in the new pieces, and ground the welds down smooth. On the under side of the apron, I cut off the excess material to make the whole back of the apron smooth, and one piece rather then before it was in noticeable pieces that didn’t quite match up.

The next project is to meta finish the welds, and then metal finish the rest of the apron. I will then put epoxy primer over the whole thing, and make sure the rest of it stays rust free!

Custom VW Aluminum Door Panels

Custom VW Aluminum Door Panels

Start of bead roll door panelCustom VW Aluminum Door Panels – Here I had a vision of having aluminum door panels for my VW Beetle. I like the way they look, and I like the fact that I could Bead Roll some designs in the door. If I had some more time I probably would have done something a little more complex, but with the time I had to create the door panels, I think they turned out pretty well. First I took the old door panel that was just cardboard and vinyl  and traced out the pattern that I could use to just get the basic shape. From there I started marking out where I wanted the boarder to go around it.

First Bead Roll On Door PanelOnce I traced the outline of the panel, then I put the bead roll boarder around it.

Paper Pattern For Door PanelOne I got the boarder around it I used my paper pattern to trace out the VW symbol to the panel. It was nice to have a full sized paper pattern not only for tracing the outline, but also to have a visual placement of where the VW symbol would show up and how it would look on the car. After a few tries, I found that I liked it best off to the side, so when you open the door to the car, you can see the VW symbol standing out!

VW Beadroll Door PanelOnce I got it traced, it was just the time to start the bead roll process for the VW Logo. It was a bit tricky as there are some really tight corners, but it turned out pretty well for my first set!

Custom VW Aluminum Door PanelsAfter that was all put together, I then got busy getting the tight parts rolled out!

Custom Bead Rolled Door PanelHere are the completed Custom VW Aluminum Door Panels!Bead Rolled Interior Panel

Fixing VW Beetle Rear Wheel Well Rust

Fixing VW Beetle Rear Wheel Well Rust

Fixing VW Beetle Rear Wheel Well Rust was actually a bit harder then I had originally planed on. Fixing VW Beetle Rear Wheel Well Rust was more about creating some new panels, and getting the edge to match was a beast! However it will be much better then what was there before. When I had bought the beetle I had known that there was some rust spots, but I didn’t realize the person that had “Fixed Up” the car before me was a sculptor in Bondo! The corners that I replaced where just built up with Bondo, and then shaped to the look of the corner. The corners where completely gone, just rusted away, and then large chunks of Bondo came out of the corners of the car.

When you open up places that usually don’t see the light of day, you need to protect the metal under neath it. I sprayed Epoxy on the meat after roughing up or scratching all the metal that I could reach. I laid down a thick layer to again help protect the metal under it from rusting any further. Next I made new pieces and welded them on! Here is the final result of what it looks like with the welds not ground down smooth, but getting close!


Corner Fix Fixing VW Beetle Rear Wheel Well Rust
Corner Repair VW Fixed VW Corner

Fixing VW Beetle Rear Wheel Well Rust is well worth the time and energy put into it! However you want to make sure you can get to a good welder. Here I welded the new corners in with a Lincoln MIG welder, and a Lincoln TIG Welder. Either one will work, and get the job done. Once you put paint on it, you wont even see where the welds where, and it will be a seamless repair.

Custom VW Beetle Door Panels

Custom VW Beetle Door Panels

VW Beetle Door PaneCustom VW Beetle Door Panels will add that custom look to your VW Beetle! Get your Custom VW Beetle Door Panels now! Here I have created a custom VW door panel for myself. This is the German Eagle with the VW Symbol in the middle in a leather like background. I can create similar door panels for your Early VW Beetle! Or if you send me the original door panel, I can build you one for any VW you own!

We build every door panel by hand, so it will be just what you want it to! Just choose your colors and we will have them ready in 2 – 3 weeks. Or if you have material you would like to use, send it in and we will create the door panel from that.

Price – $250 Pair

Contact us for any questions or availability in colors!


Motorcycle Seat Upholstery

Motorcycle Seat Upholstery

This weekend I had the chance to do Upholstery on 2 motorcycle seats. Motorcycle Seat Upholstery can be a bit tricky if you don’t know what you are doing. If you want your motorcycle seat upholstered, we can do it for you. Even if you bring in a cover that has been pre-made for your seat, we can put it on, and make it look good. We can also do custom seat upholstery for your motorcycle. Just let us know what you would like!


Here are some before and after pictures of the seat with the new foam and cover brought to me.


Before motorcycle seat upholstery Before Seat upholstery
 Completed Motorcycle Seat  Motorcycle seat Upholstery

Here is another seat that I made from scratch. I was thinking I would do the same thing with this seat, but the new cover would just would not fit. So I ended up making a custom seat cover for the motorcycle. It took a bit longer, but the results turned out pretty well.


 motorcycle seat upholstery before

As you can see it was still the original foam underneath.