Automotive Hammer And Dolly Sets

Automotive Hammer And Dolly Sets


Eastwood Hammer and Dolly SetEastwood Hammer And Dolly Set $59.99 Basic 2 Hammer and Dolly SetNorthern Industrial  Hammer and Dolly Set $27.99 Basic Hammer and Dolly Set
Neiko Hammer and Dolly Set $27.99

Automotive Hammer and Dolly SetsPro body Hammer and dolly Set


 Martin Hammer and Dolly Set

Martin Hammer and Dolly Set


Martin Complete Hammer and Dolly SetMartin Complete Hammer and Dolly Set


When it comes to Automotive Hammer and Dolly Sets, the price you pay for your hammers and dolly’s really does make a difference int the quality of products, and your work. When I first started out doing body work, I purchased a cheap set and it did a decent job, but if you want to move to a more professional level, you really want to get good results you will want to move to the more expensive body hammers. Below is some professional thoughts on each set of hammer and dollies.

Northern Industrial/Neiko – Good set for armatures, and if you are not looking to spend a lot of money. The hammers they both provide are a little flat headed, and will more likely leave an extra ding or dent on top of your repair.

Eastwood – Eastwood make some hammers that have larger faces, and will probably feel a little more balanced in your hands. They still have flat faces, so some filing may be required to get them to strike the correct way. A good set of hammers for the price, but you will still have some quality of work issues.

Pro Body – This hammer and dolly set is pretty nice for the price. Nice wood handles, and it includes a dinging spoon. The hammers are fairly well balanced, and the face of the hammer is nice smooth, and has the slight crown that you look for in a quality hammer. These hammers a a good choice without breaking the bank.The price for the hammer is quite a bit more then any other body hammer out there, but the money is well spent, and these hammer and dollies will last you quite a long time.

Martin – Martin hammers are the best hammer that you can get out on the market today. They have been making automotive hammer and dolly sets for a long time, and know what they are doing. With nice balance, and crown to the hammer, these hammers work well from beginners to experienced Pro’s.

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