Getting Dirty With Auto Body Work

Auto Body Work – Time To get Dirty!

Here is some sweet pictures of the auto body work involved in restoring the motorcycle. This project was the first on that I tackled, and I think it turned out pretty well. Here is some of the before and after pictures that I took of the whole project.

Original CB 175 tank After Media Blasting
Body Filler On The Tank Auto Body Work
Working On Other Body Parts Working On Plastic Parts
Before Priming Finished Motorcyel Paint
Headlight Housing In Paint Booth Polishing The Tank

This little project was a lot of fun, and took a little wile to get the body perfectly straight, and smooth, but it turned out great!

When I got all the body parts the major concern was the tank. It had several large dents in it, and a few scratches. I media blasted the tank to strip off all the paint. Next I got to work removing the dents. What I did was use a stud welder and slide hammer to back out the dents on the topĀ  and side of the tank. Once I did this I was able to smooth out the dents with a little bit of bondo. After that I put on the fist layer of primer, then I found out that on one side of the tank, the body line was gone, so I built up the body line, and primed it again.

The other challenge was to get the plastic parts repaired. They where cracked, and I did not want them to crack again. I had to plastic weld them back together, then smooth them out. Once the paint was on, I wanted to make it look great and I spent some time cutting and polishing the clear coat. Over all, the project took a little more time them I really wanted it to, but it was well worth the wait when the final project came together! Auto Body Work Really Pays Off In the End!

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