Bullseye Pick

Bullseye Pick

Bullseye Pick For SaleBullseye Pick – Here is bulls eye pick that I have just finished creating. Based on the popular bullseye pick from Eastwood, this version is a home made one from conduit, a few nuts, and bolts, and a custom hinge created to be deadly accurate! I also created 3 tips with this tool. A very sharp pointed tip, a pointed tip, and a blunt tip.

Bulls Eye PickCreated to bump out very small spots in meta that are uneven, you can use these bulls eye picks to help you get the shape you want. I can bump very small spots, to fairly large spots with this bulls eye pick. Here is an example of what you can do with a bulls eye pick. it is a bit of an expert tool, as you will have to remove the paint and just be working with bare metal. You can get away with using one on a painted surface, but you will want to use the blunt tip that will not crack or chip the paint. The other down fall of the bulls eye pick is that you have to be able to reach the back of the panel with it. Most of the time it is something that can’t be done with the panel on the car.

In the picture of the beetle hood, you can pick up all the low spots on the hood that have previously been damaged. It’s very easy to use this tool, and will reliably hit the correct spot time and time again to get the metal smoothed out again! Bullseye picks are a very handy and reliable tool to have in your toolbox!

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  1. Clarence Gibbs says:

    I have a bulls eye pick for sale. It has 3 different points ~ I bought at a body shop that was out of business.

  2. Adam Pierce says:

    What size is it? 15″?

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