Custom Paint Jobs

Custom Paint Jobs – This Ford Bronco was quite the project. As a total class project for students at UVU, this old bronco has been around for a little while. When the school got this project, it was rolled, and the roof was smashed in. We had to cut the top off, and replace it. The roll cage was bent, and welded into place.The bed of the bronco was shortened about a foot, as well as the frame. I personally wired all the rock lights, the off-road roof lights, and the lights pointing out the back of the roll cage.



Airbrushing Custom Paint Job Out Of The Paint Booth
Nice Clear Coat Wild Bronco Paint Job
Tri Stage Paint Job Candy Paint Job
Custom Paint Jobs Custom Car Paint Utah

The Custom paint jobs where done in several stages. This type of paint job can also be considered a tri-coat, or candy paint job, as it has 3 layers.

The bright green was laid on first, and it is Kawasaki Green. We then painted the top half black. Then we unmasked the whole car, and started air brushing. After that we ended up using a green peal for the mid coat. Once that was on I clear coated the entire thing. It turned out pretty crazy,  and totally unique! Can’t wait to move onto the next project.

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