Custom VW Aluminum Door Panels

Custom VW Aluminum Door Panels

Start of bead roll door panelCustom VW Aluminum Door Panels – Here I had a vision of having aluminum door panels for my VW Beetle. I like the way they look, and I like the fact that I could Bead Roll some designs in the door. If I had some more time I probably would have done something a little more complex, but with the time I had to create the door panels, I think they turned out pretty well. First I took the old door panel that was just cardboard and vinyl  and traced out the pattern that I could use to just get the basic shape. From there I started marking out where I wanted the boarder to go around it.

First Bead Roll On Door PanelOnce I traced the outline of the panel, then I put the bead roll boarder around it.

Paper Pattern For Door PanelOne I got the boarder around it I used my paper pattern to trace out the VW symbol to the panel. It was nice to have a full sized paper pattern not only for tracing the outline, but also to have a visual placement of where the VW symbol would show up and how it would look on the car. After a few tries, I found that I liked it best off to the side, so when you open the door to the car, you can see the VW symbol standing out!

VW Beadroll Door PanelOnce I got it traced, it was just the time to start the bead roll process for the VW Logo. It was a bit tricky as there are some really tight corners, but it turned out pretty well for my first set!

Custom VW Aluminum Door PanelsAfter that was all put together, I then got busy getting the tight parts rolled out!

Custom Bead Rolled Door PanelHere are the completed Custom VW Aluminum Door Panels!Bead Rolled Interior Panel

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