Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration is not only going to make your car look better, but is also a major safety issue. Foggy headlights block your view, and make your headlights dimmer then they should be. We can restore your headlights back to new using professional automotive clear coat. This clear coat has UV Protection, just like it protects your paint, it will protect your headlights. The clear coat is guaranteed by Blue Fossil for 5 years.

It’s simple if you have a problem with your headlights fading, getting foggy, or yellow in 5 years bring them back and get another coat of clear on them for free!

Here are some before and after shots of what your headlights can look like! Price – $65

Foggy Headlight Headlight Restoration 5 Year Guarantee
Foggy headlight Before Restored Headlight After

*NoteWe do not use compounds to polish the plastic smooth, doing this will typically cause your headlights to fade and yellow again in a matter of months. I have tried those polishing compounds before as well, and  they will not last and give your plastic headlights the UV protection it needs. Restore your headlights properly by using high quality automotive clear coat to protect them. They clear coat has the UV protection that your paint has as well, and will protect your headlights better than anything else!

This is what your headlights could look like restored. Don’t just polish your headlights, clear them and make yours look like new!

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