These Ladies Are Getting Shorter

These Ladies Are Getting Shorter

Here are some of the before shots of the 2 cars we are chopping the tops on! 4″ chop on both cars!


50 Ford Before Chop 64 Before Chop

The 50 ford was a bit harder to get ready to chop. the first thing we did was fit the doors back into their holes. The door was bent backwards from the wind catching it. We had to take our porta power and stretch the door back out, then realign it to the hole. Next we took out all the window trim, chrome, and wing windows. Next we stripped the door handles and then took out the front windshield.

The 64 Belair we are going to chop the top with the glass attached to slide the windshield down into the cowl area. The windows where taken out and taped up to chop the doors. In a few weeks we will have them back together each getting a 4″ chop!

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