Motorcycle Paint Jobs

Motorcycle Paint Jobs – Total Restoration

When we undertook this project, it was a 1973 Honda CB 175. I got the tank in original condition, and the owner wanted to have it look a little more orange red, then the cherry type red that it originally came in. This motorcycle paint job was a bit of a challenge to come up with a great looking color. After looking in some color books for a few days, I found a color from KIA called Cinnamon red. Once approved by the owner we moved forward.

This KIA color actually turned out to be really neat. It looks dark Red when it’s indoors, but once you get it in the sun, the gold metallic in it really comes out turning it more orange then red.

Motorcycle In a Tree Motorcycle Out of Tree
Refinished Frame Finished Motorclcye Paint
Putting Bike Back Together Motorcycle Paint Jobs Utah

Motorcycle Paint Jobs in Utah are a lot of fun to do, and turned out pretty well! I was super exited about how the final product looked, and happy with how the color laid out. We kept this paint close to the original color of the bike, and the stripe looks great!

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