Motorcycle Restoration

Motorcycle Restoration In Utah – It’s What We Do Best!

This bike was an unbelievable transformation. Motorcycle Restoration in Utah is what we do best, The owner of this bike bought it about 20 years ago, then decided to lean it up against a tree. 20 years later this tree had grown into the bike, and all though out the engine. The tree was cut down, and the wood chipped from the motor, and exhaust. It was very dirty, and took quite a wile just to get the wood out.

The Motorcycle Grew Into A Tree The Tree Was Cut Down To Free The Motorcycle
Motorcycle Is Free Of The Tree Disassembly Of The Bike

Once the wood was chipped away, the restoration work could begin. The bike was completely stripped down to the frame. We reworked the whole thing from the ground up. The engine was filed, smoothed, and then polished. The engine was also rebuilt, then got some new heat resistant paint. The electrical was totally rewired. The body was stripped back down to bare metal, and all of the dents pulled out. We then started on the paint.

Restored Frame Parts Before Restoring
Motorcycle Tank Restoration Utah Finished Motorcyel Paint

The hardest part of the body work was defiantly the plastic pieces hat cover the sides. they where cracked and breaking. Fortunately we where able to save them by reinforcing the cracks with more plastic, and strengthening the entire piece.

Headlight Housing In Paint Booth Final Motocycle Assembly
Finished Honda CB 175 Motorcycle Restoration In Utah

The final motorcycle was then reassembled and put back together piece by piece. The final bike turned out to be a great looking bike that ran just like new. The owner was very happy with the work, and now it’s on to the next motorcycle restoration in Utah!

If you would like your motorcycle restored in Utah then please visit the Contact Us page of our website. *We only take on 1 – 2 projects at a time so there may be a wait for your project to get into our shop.

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  1. Todd Mathews says:

    I personally witnessed Tyler working on the Honda bike (in addition to several other projects) featured on this site. His attention to detail is astounding. He is meticulous in producing quality pieces where others look to cut corners, just to get their hands on your money and send you packing. If you want something built right, that’ll turn heads and have all your peers green with envy, get this guy on the job.

  2. Hi Tyler, Looks like a fun project. Nice work! You should check . It’s a new site dedicated to sharing your garage projects. We’d love to feature some of your work on the site if you have the time to submit one of your projects.

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