Here are some before and after shots of the past Auto Body Projects 

* All Pictures are actual projects that have been done by Blue Fossil Body Works!

Motorcycle out of the tree Before Final Restoration Complete
 Before  After
 Bumper Ready For Paint  Utah Bumper Repair
Bumper Before Bumper After
 Custom Toyota Engine Cover  Painted Toyota Engine Cover
Engine Cover Before Engine Cover After
 Cracked Body Filler  Finished Car paint
 Before Paint  After Paint
 Airbrushing Custom Paint Job  Wild Paint On Car
 Custom Painting  Custom Painting
 Airbrushed Dimond Plate Flames  Airbrushed Rose
 Custom Painting  Custom Painting
Before Plastic Bumper Repair After Plastic Bumper Repair
Before Plastic Bumper Repair After Plastic Bumper Repair
Table Before paint Table Painting
Table Before Paint  Table After Paint
How To Polish Stainless Steel Trim Stainless Steel Dents Taken Out
Stainless Steel Trim Before Stainless Steel After
Custom Car Ski Rack Subaru In The Afternoon
Custom Ski Racks Before Custom Ski Racks After
 Damaged VW Fender  Metal Work VW Fender
 Before Metal Work  After Metal Work
Subaru In The Afternoon Plasti Dip Blaze Pink Rims
 Before Plasti Dip   After Plasti Dip
Brazed Steel Hammer and Leather Bag Shaping
Brazed Steel Hand Formed Compound Curve
Body Lines Made With Pullmax Metal Shaping
Body Lines Formed In Pullmax Metal Shaping
Automotive Leading Automotive Leading
Automotive Leading Completed Leading
Inner Fender Well English Wheel
Inner Fender Well Shrunken On Pullmax English Wheel Compound Curve
Aluminum Welding TIG Metal Finishing Beetle Deck lid
TIG Aluminum Welding Metal Finishing Beetle Deck Lid
Reverse Curve Utah Metal Shaping
 Reverse Curve Bead Rolled Metal Plate
Foggy Headlight Clear Headlight After
Foggy Headlight Before Clear Headlight After
 VW Pan Rusted Out  Floor Pan Installed
 Old Floor Pan  New Floor Pan
 Metal Shaping Sand Bag  Custom Car Frame
 Metal Shaping Sand Bag  Custom Car Frame
 Finished Spider Web Grill  New Roof Shape From Rear Window
 Spider Web Grill  Chopped 50 Ford
 Fully Competed Pedle Car  Beadroll On Seat
 Hand Made Pedal Car  Bead Rolled Aluminum Seat
 German Eagle Door Panel  Motorcycle seat Upholstery
 German Eagle Door Panel  Motorcycle Seat Upholstery
 Custom Bead Rolled Door Panel  Bead Rolled Interior Panel
 Aluminum Door Panel  Interior Aluminum Panels

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