Smoked Tail Lights

Smoked Tail Lights can add a cool effect to your ride, and it’s pretty easy to do. These particular lights came off of a Ford F-150.

1. Scuff your tail lights with a grey scotch-bright pad. (I also like to use a product called Scuff Stuff that is a wet application)
2. Mix your clear coat with some black base. (You will create a custom single stage paint.)
3. Spray on your lights with several coats until you get the darkness you are after.
4. Let them cure, and reinstall your lights.

*Smoked Tail Lights are a pretty easy process but make sure your state Laws prohibit smoked, or tinted taillights!

Tinted Tail Lights Smoked Tail Lights
Finished Tinted Tail lights

This is a pretty easy process, that you can do to your car in just a few hours. I recommend using a quality clear, and black pigment for the best results. I don’t usually recommend to people that they use the tint from a spray can. It does not make it look as clear and shinny, and usually does not spray out as well, as from a nice automotive gun.

If you would like this done to your car, or motorcycle Please visit the contact us page and send us a message, or just drop us a phone call.

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